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Generic Fog Island is now on!
Runner Island is now on!

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Puzzle Island coming soon
Island Maze Island coming soon
Arctic Tower Island coming soon
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What we do:
We really like Dragon City as a mobile game
and making webpages for Dragon City too.
the site is loaded with a lot of game data,
and in the future we plan to release lots of Dragon Reporting pages.
Like what are the best Epic Dragons, Best Light Element Dragons, Habitat details and Food Calculator.

If you have any particular dragon reports you would like to see let us know with our contact feature

What we're working on:
We have had a lot of requests for dragon suggestions (Names and elements) we are going to be working on these things soon!
sometimes we do get busy and features will take longer because of this!
We thank you for your patience.

Who are in the Team?
We currently are a team of uni students who are working in web development
Izzy, Ray, Jeff and Peter are at your service
We all play dragon city regularly and use our own website to help with
events, dragon information and keeping up to date with news
As we play we discuss what the best pages that we could make would be

Remeber we love to hear suggestions too on what we can add!

Can anyone help us?
Dragon city is a really fun game, and we hope to be creating guides for a long time to come
Recently the game files we use have been getting out of date
(some new events are not making it to facebook)
if you know how we can update the data on our site,
or any developers can get in touch with us, please get in contact
We would love to build a guide for the Runner Island event
that has recently come to the game
but without instruction on where we can find this information in an automated fashion,
we cannot add it to the game.

Final Words
We hope you enjoy your time on deetlist,
its been designed to be easy to find the information you're looking for
Suggestions are always welcome, and we are always looking to improve the site
Happy Dragoning!