Custom Reports

We have built some popular Dragon City reports
And more will be coming soon!
See certain interesting subsets of dragons
Each list has an explanation on why it might be useful!

Got a list you want to see that isnt done yet?
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Newest Dragons

Dragon Hatch Times


All Heroic Dragons

Heroic Attack Ranking

Breedable Legendary Dragons

Breedable Category 5 Dragons

Breedable Category 9 Dragons


What are the benefits of Dragon Reports

One of the things we found most other Dragon City websites did not have, were dynamic lists of Dragon reports. things like Egg Lists, Food cost tables, Heroic Dragon lists
all these types of pages were not complete, or out of date.
We made deetlist embded with the game files, that are updated daily.
this means that dragon reports are only 1 day old - and data is always relavent and populated with all changes and new dragons.

Do you plan to make more dragon lists?

Yes, the lists of dragons we currently have are pretty new.
There are so many ways you can present a list of information
Things hopefully coming soon include - breedable categories, all rarity types
Dragons sorted by average attack power
Dragons sorted by max attack power

if you have a dragon list you want to request, use the contact link down below and we can try and make that list for you!