Events in Dragon City

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Current Events

Generic Fog Island is now on!
Runner Island is now on!

Upcoming Events

Puzzle Island coming soon
Island Maze Island coming soon
Arctic Tower Island coming soon

Past Events

Heroic Race has finished
Generic Grid Island has finished

What happens in each event?

What are Heroic Races?

Heroic Races are the most exciting and highly anticipated event for Dragon City, and probably the most fun! race against 7 other players by completing tasks that progress you around laps of the island. Each lap you can unlock a reward, completing laps quickly can also result in bonus rewards! Coming in first place usually means you get the newly released Heroic Dragon (different each month) and 3 other Dragons (One of each Legendary, Epic & Very Rare Dragon.)
Second & third place gets everything except the Heroic Dragon.
4th - 5th Place misses out on a Legendary Etc..
You can garantee yourself the legendary dragon however by putting in lots of work and reaching Level 15 if you have really fast competition. The Heroic Race Guide can help get an edge on your competition!
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What are Maze Island Events?

Maze island is where a group of dragons are lost and waiting for you to help them through the maze. By completling every day tasks like collecting gold and feeding dragons you unlock Maze coins. Maze coins allow you to push a dragon through the maze and belong to you! Each dragon needs a certain number of Maze coins to finish their own maze path. Some dragons need you to defeat dragons to help unlock them use the Maze island guide to help plan who to save!
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What are Puzzle Island Events?

Puzzle island is an bit different from the other events
the majority of coins are not given out over time on the Puzzle Island type events instead you earn a small amount of moves every 4 hours and you have to complete chalenges (like collect 1 Million gold) to get additional moves. Use your "moves" in a candy crush like game. clearing blocks of certain colour will unlock event dragons
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What are Runner Island Events?

Runner island is a sidescroller minigame you play by collecting tokens through gameplay. Every 8 hours you complete a set of tasks that reward runner tokens to complete runs. When running through the island, make sure to collect pinwheels Pinwheels will add together to unlock the rewards for the event
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What are Grid Island Events?

Grid island is a grid navigation game, step through each dragon to collect them collect grid coins by playing dragon city - Then spend your coins to move through the grid island. Dragons are unlocked as you reach them!
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What are Fog Island Events?

Fog island is a map containing dragon puzzle pieces But you can only see the squares very close to your current position! collect fog coins by playing dragon city - Then spend your coins to move through a square grid covered in fog. navigate the island to find dragon peices and unlock event dragons or sometimes chests with huge rewards inside!
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What are Tower Island Events?

Tower island is a verticle map, spend tokens to navigate the tower. Playing dragon city unlocks Tower coins, which are then spent on the spinning wheel that progresses you in the tower climb the tower to find dragon peices and unlock reward dragons!
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