Grid Island

The Grid Island event details can be seen here!
Get coins by collecting gold, feeding, hatching etc.
Move around the during this event to unlock rewards
*A map is in development and will be coming soon.

Countdown Details

This event lasts 4 days

Reward Dragons

Below are the dragons that are unlockable during this event...

Mwahaha Dragon

mwahaha dragon

Swamp Dragon

swamp dragon

Bastion Dragon

bastion dragon

Darksteel Dragon

darksteel dragon

Maze coin summary

By collecting 2000 free coins every 24 hours during Grid Island, you can earn a total of:

8000 grid coins*

0 coins delivered so far

If you're not getting anymore coins you must wait for the next delivery window

8000 free coins still remaining*
(from 4 more deliveries of 2000 coins)

* This total of 8000 does not include extra coins possibly given away via quests or freebie island. it might be possible to earn more coins than this!

Grid Island Tips

Collecting Grid Coins

When playing Dragon City during the Maze event period, you will be able to collect 2000 Grid Coins every 24 hours. This is done by collecting gold, collecting food, feeding your dragons and breeding dragons. You will see a grid icon pop out after every action. Those coins will eventually stop appearing once you've collected your 2000 Grid Coins for the set 24 hours period.
To get more coins for the Grid island you will have to wait for the next collection window.

Other Ways to collect Grid Coins

Usually there are other ways to indirectly collect grid coins
This can include watching ads on Dragon TV, Completing Temporary Quests, or opening certain quests
This guide does not factor in Grid coins offered in these ways, so good news is you can probably collect more than stated above!

Navigating the Path

There are only a few paths through the Grid Island. As you guide your dragon through the grid, you will unlock rewards.
Before each dragon there is a series of fights you must undertake
Be careful that battles take time to complete before unlocking a dragon

Going Backwards

Unlike other islands - You do not need to spend any grid tokens if you want travel backwards.
This means you can prioritise the things you want, and any leftover coins can be spent getting the items you left behind.
This is useful for when you want to get the battle timers out of the way first, and come back later.
Events like Fog island make you spend coins to go backwards

Do you have a map?

Currently we do not have a map developed, but we are hoping to have one soon!
try checking out the Dragon City subreddit for the latest map posted!

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