Arctic Tower Island

Arctic Tower Island guide!
Spin the wheel to get moves.
Use moves to climb to the top of the tower

Get 600 Tower tokens every 8 hours.
by collecting Gold, Hatch & Breed Dragons etc.
Then move up the Tower to unlock rewards

Countdown Details

This event lasts 3 days

Reward Dragons

Below are the dragons that are unlockable during this event#

Cytherean Empress Dragon

cytherean empress dragon

Fairy Dragon

fairy dragon

Hatchling Dragon

hatchling dragon

Geoforce Dragon

geoforce dragon

Furfur Dragon

furfur dragon

Maze coin summary

By collecting 600 free coins every 8 hours during Arctic Tower Island, you can earn a total of:

5525 tower coins*

There are no more future collection windows
All free coins have been provided for this event
* At the start of the event, everyone is given 125 tower coins.
This total of 5525 does not include extra coins possibly given away via quests or freebie island. it might be possible to earn more coins than this!

Arctic Tower Island FAQ

How to move around tower island

Like most events in Dragon city, to move around the event map, you will have to spend Tower coins. tower coins are used up by activating the move spinner. The price to spin the move spinner increases as you move up the tower, making moves higher up the tower more expensive The move spinner will reward you with either 1, 2 or 3 moves based of a "random" spin. note that the "random" spins you get is already pre-determined for your account. meaning that every spin result you get for the event is decided before you even plan.

Are the moves im awarded random?

Moves are "random" but they are predetermined for your account. meaning if you complete a pretend tower run in offline mode, and reset your phone before reconnecting to the internet, you will get the exact same move sequence each time you attempt a Tower event on this event.

This is why offline mode is useful, because you can turn on aeroplane mode on and see where you would end up and try tower runs over and over again. if you mess up, you can recreate your runs every time.

How do you get tower coins?

Tower coins are collected like all other event coins, by collecting gold, collecting food, breeding dragons, hatching eggs etc. you can get 600 Tower tokens every 8 hours in the Arctic Tower Island

What do catapults do?

Tower island introduces a sqaure that resembles a caterpult, which will send you either up the tower, or sometimes down the tower. In most cases the catapults will send you upwards, which is generally favourable as you want to reach the top. To get the best idea where catapults will send you, its best to consult a tower island map.

Do you have a map for this event yet?

We do not have a map for this event yet, the best place to find one at the moment is social media. Our plan is to have one ready on the site by early next year! When ready it will show on this page!

Arctic Tower Island Tips

Each event has some tricks that make it easier to get the dragons you want

- Find a map on social media that will show you the best path up the tower
- You cannot get every dragon in the tower without spending money
- Collect coins every 8 hours
- You sometimes do not have to pay to get the top dragon for the event

Offline mode trick
Use offline mode to test your event progress
Just restart your phone if you dont get what you want
then choose a different path
All attempts will provide the same results, its not random

- Wait until the last 8 hours
- save all coins from the start of the event
- turn off internet with "aeroplane mode"
- Complete the tower (your ideal path)
- If something goes wrong, keep internet off
- force close the game
- Nothing will be saved
- Keep repeating until you get what you want
- Only Turn internet back on when you're happy with results, and the game will save your progress!

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