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Most dragons will be available in events

New Images may take some time to appear.

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Why are some images for new Dragons missing?

If there are some new dragons on the list missing images
this is because Social point hasnt added the images for the game yet
when we scan the games code - the developers must have added the new dragons to upcoming events
but not uploaded the images yet
out site will eventually download the new images for the upcoming dragons when they get released
however the newest dragons may have grey images in the meantime

How often are new dragons scanned?

We scan the server files for new dragons once a day
this means that for every day, we check yesterdays dragons, and which ones are new for today
Social point is regularly adding new dragons as rewards for upcoming events

How many new dragons are shown here?

We only show dragons that have been added to Dragon City in the last 30 days.
if you want to see when other dragons are released, try searching for them using our search feature!

What new dragons can we expect in the future?

We dont really know which dragons are coming out until they are added to the game files At deetlist, we only add new dragons to our site that are added by developers into the back end of Dragon City

What if a dragon gets updated in the future?

Lets say Social Point decides to change an existing dragon
If they change the elements, then it will not be considered a new dragon
However if they rename a dragon - it may show up on this list as a new dragon

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Library Of Shadows Maze Island is now on!
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