Pure Tokens in Dragon City

What are Pure Element tokens used for?

Pure Element Tokens are used to upgrade Pure habitats above level 2.

When you purchase a habitat Pure Habitat it gets placed as level 1.
To upgrade to level 2, gold is required
Every further upgrade requires spending Element Tokens

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Token FAQ

What are tokens used for in Dragon City?

Tokens are used to upgrade habitats.
the first habitat upgrade (level 2) requires gold.
All further levels require using element tokens (level 3 and up).

Why should I use Element Tokens?

By using your element tokens, you upgrade your habitats and therefore:

Habitats will hold more dragons.
Upgrading your habitats with element tokens will allow you to increase the number of dragons you can hold at one time.
Having more dragon space can be paramount for collecting and filling the dragon book!
You dont want to run out of Dragon storage, otherwise you wont be able to place new dragons. Element tokens help solve this issue, and allows you to get more space efficiency from your habitats

Habitats can hold more gold when full.
When using Element tokens to upgrade your habitats, you increase the gold cap of the habitat. This means when you wake up in the morning, and all your gold is maxed out
You can collect more gold overall if you use Element tokens to upgrade your buildings.

Can I trade in Element Tokens?

Unfortunately there is no trading for Element tokens, you cant swap them, or trade them in.
They can only be used on the Habitiat they correspond to

How can I earn Element Tokens?

Element tokens can be unlocked in a variety of ways
Below we will attempt to list them all, but know that new ways are being added all the time

Daily login calendar
The calendar that rewards you each day you log in can provide you with Element Tokens
However the bundles are usually for 3 Element tokens, and the type of token is random.

Battling in Arenas
When completing the Arena battles, every 20 dragons defeated per day awards you with a chest. This chest has a bunch of rewards including dragon tokens.

Heroic Race rewards
When completing the Heroic race, there are some laps that can reward you with a complete token pack this includes 100 tokens of each type! which can be pretty helpful for getting enough tokens to get higher levels of habitats upgraded.

Dragon Runner Event
When playing the new Dragon Runner event recently added to Dragon City, you can collect Dragon tokens from the ground during your dragon run, they are pretty common to find, but are low in quantity. still a nice way of getting them .

Do you know any other ways you can get Dragon City Element Tokens?
If so feel free to contact us via our contact page!

How do you use Element Tokens?

Again, element tokens are used to upgrade habitats past level 2.
Therefore you can select any Habitat above level 2 you want to upgrade.
if you have enough tokens, you will see the option to upgrade that habitat with the corresponding element token type If you have enough tokens

Where can I see how many Element Tokens I have?

The later habitat upgrades can take a lot of tokens (thousands)! So sometimes it makes sense that you would want to check how many tokens you have at any point in time. Tokens are stored in the Storage section of your dragon city app, at the end when scrolling past the event items and dragon eggs.

Tokens are stored in bundles according to their type, and each type will display a number of how many you own.