Deetlist - About

Deetlist is a collection of web pages maintained by a dedicated team of University students in Australia.

Pages are researched and developed to fill the gaps in certain areas and make new web pages that we wanted to see on the internet.

Whenever there is a question on the internet that hasnt been answered properly, we try to answer it!

Currently there are 5 of us completing the website, but with university studies - we all get busy!

Current Team Members :
- Izzy: Content and Social Media
- Ray: Content, Calculators and User experience
- Jack: Content, Data discovery and ideation
- Peter Content and Backlog management

If you have any suggestions for webpages or out of date data - please contact us!

We all have a strong passion for games and technology,
web development is a hobby for us.

Its great to have a platform to expermient and make content that helps other people get the information they need!

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